Here's What Our Customers Have to Say!

Chef Mezz

December 1699919648

John H. Was the driver that helped move my car. He went above and beyond when he heard I had kids. He took care of everything and I was able to go get dinner ready for my kids. He arrived at my house just as we finished eating. Perfect timing! My daughter's get super hangry so believe me when I tell you he saved my night. Thanks John!

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Felix Grushevsky

December 1699384024

Kudos to Steven from JL! While AAA felt way short, he went above and beyond to get us out of a ditch and moving!

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Dan Van Voorhis

December 1693863812

They do excellent work and we've been having our cars serviced by them for many years.

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Bernard Porter

December 1687646146

I recently had car trouble and called AAA. They dispatched Ryan from J.L. Automotive & Towing. He was prompt, efficient and very knowledgeable. His recommendation helped me get my car fixed and saved me some money. I highly recommend J.L. Automotive & Towing.

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Ann Law

December 1684020721

David was wonderful! I broke down five minutes from my hunt test, With both of my grand champion chesapeake bay retrievers in their crates in my van. David was so worried about their welfare. I assured him they are very used to traveling in their crates. Keep him, he is a true credit to your business! Ann Law

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