Here's What Our Customers Have to Say!

Ann Law

December 1684020721

David was wonderful! I broke down five minutes from my hunt test, With both of my grand champion chesapeake bay retrievers in their crates in my van. David was so worried about their welfare. I assured him they are very used to traveling in their crates. Keep him, he is a true credit to your business! Ann Law

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Brian Alvarez

December 1684710394

They did an amazing job towing my car today! It was late and it was far but they helped me no problem! Even helped me unload it which wasn’t easy since the car wouldn’t start; and had no power steering. Appreciate James and the other tow truck driver (Billy?) but they were amazing. 10/10 would recommend them.

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Ahm Anik

December 1684126901

Thank you! The tow driver was very courteous. He did arrive late but it’s understandable due to work pressure. Most importantly nice behavior is sometimes all it takes for customers to feel comfortable and I can assure you they are very nice and courteous. Also he did his job well and took well care of my vehicle while towing and hooking.

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Frederick Frei

December 1678998754

While I was traveling back home to South Carolina, I noticed my front tires was quickly wearing unevenly to a dangerous level due to an alignment issue on my 20ft. Isuzu box truck. After dropping off some items for a family member in Manahawkin. I was very concerned I wouldn't get home safely. I did have 2 brand new tires in my truck, however, every tire shop i stopped at, either didn't have the correct socket size or just didn't want to do it. I pulled into JL Automotive to inquirer, if the... Read More

Robert Moffat

December 1679862779

I was towed home with my car today by David he made a bad experience into a better day. Professional job on his part and a nice guy we need more people like him in the service sector thank you for your help today

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